Anna Maria Island Fishing Report: Captain Wes Wildman – February 10 2019

Captain Wes Wildman
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—What a beautiful week we had here on Anna Maria Island, the fish seemed enjoy it as well. Our inshore charters this week managed a little bit of everything, from Snook, Sheephead, Redfish, and Black Drum.  Continue Reading…

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report: Captain Wes Wildman – Winter Sheepshead

Captain Wes Wildman
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Anna Maria Island Fishing Report – February 3, 2019
Captain Wes Wildman
Cell: 941-322-4108
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   Well the weather this week made it for a super tough bite around Anna Maria island. Cold and windy days dropped the water temps well into the 50s and never really got any warmer. Our charters this week got the true meaning of tough conditions and a even tougher bite. That being said we still managed productive trips catching Sheepshead, Black Drum, Redfish, and Jack Crevalle.

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Anna Maria Island Fishing Report: Captain Wes Wildman – January 31, 2019

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report – January 31, 2019
Captain Wes Wildman
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We are in full blown winter mode here at Keyes Marina. The sheepshead bite has been steady, but due to the dropping of water temperature we have to really slow down and be patient for our bites.


Matt Danziger and fiance Hayley of Anna Maria Island with a nice Sheep Head for fish tacos.

I find that dropping down to 15lb fluorocarbon leader, with a #2 Owner SSW bait hook, and a #4 split shot. The bait of choice for me is half of a fresh shrimp. Just enough to hide the hook. This approach seems to be working best casting to deeper docks around Anna Maria Island.

The Sea Trout bite has been hit or miss lately, but when we do catch them they have been nice fish up to 22 inches. these guys are great on the grill! Just like the sheep head bite, you just have to slow down and be patient on the bites. A popping cork and 20 lb leader with a 1/0 Owner Mutu circle hook rigged with a LIVE SHRIMP over the grass flats has been the right choice for us.

With more weather ahead of us we are just hoping for a few decent days to get out wet a line. I think I speak for everyone when I say bring on the Spring! Until next week, tight lines.


Anna Maria Island Fishing Report: Captain Aaron Lowman-03-12-2014

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report-Trout-Redfish-Snook
Captain Aaron Lowman – Fishing Report – March 12, 2014
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—–This has been one of those weeks that traditional winter fishing overlaps with early spring fishing and that’s good news for fishermen!
—–Winter fishing in Tampa Bay is still going strong. You can still expect to catch sheepshead, grouper and snapper on the artificial reefs. Fishing along the sandy beaches of Anna Maria Island and Egmont Key might get you some nice pompano too. There are plenty of spanish mackerel around. Try throwing anything bright and shiney around any structure in the Bay. Continue Reading…

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report: Captain Aaron Lowman-02-16-2014

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report-Pompano-Permit-Sheepshead
Captain Aaron Lowman – Fishing Report – February 16, 2014
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—–Although the weather in February dictates where you can go and what you can find to catch, there are usually some spots we can get to that hold fish. Over the last week or so, we have been fishing mainly for pompano, permit and sheepshead.
—–This is the time of year when you can catch the really big sheepshead. If they have to be measured, then we throw them back. The big ones, 15″+, will have some very nice fillets. There are many artificial reefs in Manatee County where you can catch a mess of sheepshead this month. Once you are lucky enough to locate them, you have a good chance of getting more than one. If you want to use shrimp for bait, I suggest attaching the shrimp to a 1/4 or 3/8 ounce jig head instead of hooking the shrimp and using a weight 12-18 inches up the line. The light bite/nibble of the fish is much more detectable if the weight is right at the bait. Continue Reading…

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report: Captain Mark Howard-02-16-2014

Capt. Mark Howard
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—–Fishing this past week out of Island Discount Tackle on Anna Maria Island has been productive when the weather cooperates . The weather has been the deciding factor in where I have been fishing, typical for the winter time fishing pattern.
—–Dock fishing for redfish and black drum has been good with the fish feeding under deepwater docks with heavy barnacle growth as they will hold more crabs and crustaceans living on the pilings. Rigging with a live shrimp and a split shot weight will get the bait in the strike zone. On my recent trips we have had success with redfish in the upper slot range. Continue Reading…

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report: Captain Danny Stasny 04-15-2013

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report
Captain Danny Stasny-April-15-2013
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—–April 2—– I fished around Anna Maria with Bob Salmon joined by his two sons, Hunter and Keegan, and Bob’s friend Dan Barker. We started out fishing some near shore structure with good results. Using live shiners for bait we managed to boat 4 cobia and a 22 inch flounder. Then we switched to using live shrimp on a knocker rig which resulted in numerous keeper mangrove snapper as well as some sheepshead in the 3 to 4 lb range. To finish out the day we rallied on spanish mackerel and a few black tip sharks. Not bad for a bunch of guys from Michigan. Continue Reading…

Captain Danny Stasny – Fishing Report – 04-01-2013

Captain Danny Stasny – Fishing Report – 04-01-2013
Island Discount Tackle Charter Desk: (941) 779-2838

—–Neil and Susie Mandsager of Iowa were able to join me this week for some sheepshead action on the artificial reefs around Anna Maria island. Using live shrimp combined with a 1/2 oz. knocker rig resulted in multiple fish ranging from 1 to 4 lbs.
—–After banging away on sheepies for awhile we switched locations in search of spotted sea trout.  Fishing deep grassflats with Berkely Gulp shrimp and a 1/4 oz jig head got us connected with some nice sized fish.  Along with speckled sea trout, Neil and Susie also managed to catch some respectably sized silver trout which we promptly filleted and put on ice once back at the dock.
—–Flounder are inhabiting near-shore structure as you can see in the picture of Vivck and Ravi Kiluk of Tampa. Their father, John, was very proud of his sons after watching them reel up so many different species in one day.  Along with that 21 inch flounder, the boys caught sheepshead, kw’s, and spanish mackerel.
—–After taking a little break from the action Vivck informed me that he wanted to catch “JAWS”.  I told him that sounded like a great idea to finish out the trip, so off we went in search of some man eaters.  I knew of a spot where some bonnet head sharks had been hanging out and upon arriving I saw multiple fish from up in the tower.  Ten minutes after setting the anchor we had a bonnet head shark on the line which was exciting for the kids.
—–On the next bait we were lucky enough to hook up with a 4 1/2 ft sand shark.  Needless to say, dad had to reel this one in.  Both sharks were released unharmed.
—–On a recent trip with Eric Harvey and his family we had good action on multiple species while fishing artificial reefs.  We started the day with sheepshead, mangrove snapper and Key West grunts. Eric’s sons, Ryan and James, quickly got the hang of reef fishing after their first couple fish.  Now, this is when the story starts getting good.  Jen, Eric’s wife, was busy reeling up a mangrove snapper and as  I peered into the green water to spot the fish in the depths below I got quite a surprise. Not only did I see the undersized snapper at the end of Jen’s line but I also saw a big, brown bomber directly under the fish curiously trying to get a taste.  Immediately I reached for another rod and frantically baited-up with a nice fat shiner.  The cobia was more than willing to accommodate us and instantly whacked the unsuspecting bait. Well, six cobia later we had two keepers in the coffin along with plenty of sheepies and grunts. Great job guys.
—–I also sent in the picture of Ryan’s file fish.  What a beautiful golden little fish.  It almost didn’t look real.  It may not be the biggest fish in the world but it made a really cool pic.

Captain Rick Gross – Fishing Report – 04-01-2013

Captain Rick Gross-Fishing Report-04-01-2013
Fishy Business Fishing Charters

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—–Fishing out of Island Discount Tackle and Anna Maria Island this week, the weather felt more like winter than spring. The wind again was a problem to deal with. I had to shuffle some trips around until later in the week because the wind and cold were just too bad to fish.
—–On Wednesday, Jeff Schumacher and his two sons fished with me on a four hour morning trip. We caught sheepshead in the one to four pound range under one dock for two hours then went to another deep hole to fish for silver trout. We caught the sheepshead on knocker rigs and shrimp. We caught the silvers on Berkley gulp shrimp on quarter oz. jigs. Although none of the fish where very big the kids had a great time catching them on a cold windy day.
—–Thursday I had a full day with David Newlin and party. We started out by fishing some deeper grass flats in Sarasota bay with free-lined shiners. We caught nice trout up to eighteen inches, spanish mackerel to twenty and a few flounder to fourteen inches. After the tide came in enough to get up next to the mangroves, we fished for reds and landed fish up to twenty two inches.
—–On Friday I fished with Richard Henry and friends for a four hour morning trip. We again fished Sarasota bay flats and caught trout, bluefish and mackerel. All were taken while fishing free-lined shiners on aberdeen gold hooks and twenty pound fluorocarbon leader.
—–Friday afternoon I fished with Jim Keller and his wife. We had a good, strong  afternoon outgoing tide so I headed for Terra Ceia Bay. There we found redfish up to twenty two inches and speckled trout to twenty five inches.
—–Saturday I had a full day trip with Jon Stuver and Tom Haley. We started out in the gulf looking for some spanish mackerel action. We caught only a few and it got a little rough so we headed back to the flats of Sarasota bay. This proved to be a very good decision. We had only been anchored for about ten minutes when things started to heat up. I started to chum with handfuls of shiners and within minutes a big school of redfish moved in. We never moved the rest of the day and had twelve triple hook-ups with redfish from twenty three inches to the best fish of thirty three inches. While fishing for the reds we also caught trout to twenty six inches and some snook up to thirty inches.
Thank You & Good Fishing!

Captain Ryan Hackney – Fishing Report – 04-01-2013

Captain Ryan Hackney – Fishing Report – 04-01-2013
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—–The fishing this week was good even though it was winter-like weather.  Before the front we were catching a lot of redfish, snook and trout.
—–After the front had passed, the water cooled down and the target species were sheepshead, grouper, and Spanish mackerel.
—–The weather has been fickle as of late but it will warm-up soon. The shiners will flood the grassflats and the fishing will be off the hook!