Anna Maria Island Fishing Report
Snook – Redfish
Captain Aaron Lowman – Fishing Report – October 23, 2014
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—We are in a transition period, summer is turning to fall in the fishing is on fire. I have been fishing inshore for snook redfish and trout with live shiners, top water plugs and flies. The key to our success this time of year is always having plenty of live bait. Through the past couple months, live shiners have been relatively easy to come by. They swarm the beaches in droves throughout the summer. As the first cold front signals falls arrival the shiner situation can be fickle to say the least. I have found beat relatively easy over the flat this week, but charming with a dry chum is critical.
—I wait until I have plenty of live bait before I think about going fishing. The second thing I consider is the tide stage. An incoming tide will typically cause fish to move up onto a flat, and ultimately into and under mangrove shorelines. Conversely, an outgoing tide will typically cause fish to move from the relative safety of the mangrove roots out onto a flat, and ultimately into adjacent deeper water.
—I’m fishing the smaller shiners on a number 4 straight shank hook, on the end of about a three foot piece of 30 pound fluorocarbon leader, under a popping cork. The popping cork will help keep your shutter out of the grass as well as give you some extra weight to help throw the small beats a long way up to the fish. Remember to enter the area you want to fish quietly, A push pole or trolling motor is almost a must.
—If you’re quiet and persistent, have plenty of bait or some lures you should be able to have a great time in sure over the next month or so! Have fun!