Anna Maria Island Fishing Report
Captain Aaron Lowman – Fishing Report – November 25, 2014
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—As winter approaches, the grouper trolling begins! Lately, my clients and I have had a blast trolling for grouper near Anna Maria Island, Florida. We usually wait for a cold front to approach from the North, and then fish heavily before and after the front when the fish are more active and aggressive.
—The typical techniques involve trolling near structure and in the passes at a steady idling speed; remember this is not wahoo trolling! Lipped plugs that have the ability to dive to depth work the best, and a heavy leader (80lb.) is in order with a ball-bearing snap-swivel connection to avoid line twist.
—When the conditions are right, my clients and I have even had grouper rise to the trolling plugs while fishing mid-water for kingfish. Be patient out there, find structure or a location that you are confident in, and have an action packed day on the water!