Anna Maria Island Fishing Report
Captain Aaron Lowman – Fishing Report – August 5, 2013
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—–Although it has been a windy month, fishing action for spanish mackerel has been very hot this summer. Most areas of bottom structure, like the many artificial reefs near Anna Maria Island, have been good places to look for a “big mack attack”. There are many different ways to catch mackerel but this is one of the best.
—–I usually throw a marker jug on the structure, anchor up-tide from the target and start chumming. You can hang a chum block from a cleat or simply start throwing dead shiners or chopped pieces of sardines so they float back into the structure.
—–The idea is that the chum attracts the little fish and the little fish attract bigger fish and so on. If you have live shiners, attach one through the nose on a #1 or #2 long shank hook and free-line it back into the chum slick. Small, shiny lures like Got Cha plugs and silver spoons are the most productive artificial lures. 10 pound test line is fine for your reel. Try a 20 or 30 pound test fluorocarbon leader. You can also use very thin wire leader material for spanish mackerel. Loosen you drag a little because they will hit your bait at full speed!   Have fun!