Anna Maria Island Fishing Report-April-22-2013
Captain Mark Howard
SumoTime Fishing Charters
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—–The Anna Maria Island fishing report this past week out of Island Discount Tackle has been very productive with the spring pattern finally taking hold and resulting in some action-packed days on the water.
—–The inshore scene has exploded with snook, speckled trout and redfish feeding heavily on the massive bait schools of shiners that have moved into Tampa Bay. The pilchards have finally moved onto the flats making for some easy bait gathering. Chum for at least 10 minutes before throwing your cast net to draw the shiners to the chum and they will ball up behind your boat. Look for diving pelicans to show where the bait is on the grass flats.
—–Snook have been feeding heavily on shiners on my recent charters. The snook have been making their transition from their winter time haunts and are moving onto the flats and into potholes and near the mangroves all around Anna Maria Island. On all my recent charters this week, we have landed at least one keeper sized fish. After pictures the big bruisers have been released to fight another day.
—–Speckled trout fishing has been exceptional this past week with many fish landed and plenty of over slot-sized gators coming to the dinner party. I use a popping cork rigged with a 1/0 circle hook and the bait is suspended just above the weeds. Getting the bobber to gurgle and flash can entice the predators to inhale the bait. Getting enough meat for a nice family meal has been easy this past week.
—–Redfish have been active around the potholes and oyster bars. Chumming with shiners can fire up the bite and expose where the redfish are. Slot-limit sized fish are all over the flats and are exceptional fighters. Look for the schools of mullet traveling in the shallows to give you an idea of where to fish for these rose colored bruisers.
—–Looking forward, the fishing will stay hot as the water temperature rises and the full moon approaches next week. Follow the tide up into the bushes. As a side note I saw my first tarpon of the season in the Intracoastal Waterway. It was just cruising in 2 feet of water. Maybe the weather will stay warm and the tarpon will arrive early this year! CLICK ON THUMBNAILS BELOW FOR MORE PHOTOS!