Captain Mark Howard- Fishing Report – June 3, 2013
SumoTime Fishing Charters
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—–Fishing this past week out of Island Discount Tackle at Keyes Marina on Anna Maria Island has been steady with some red hot action mixed in. Speckled trout, redfish and snook have been feeding when the current has been moving .
—–Speckled trout have been the go-to fish for some fillets for the dinner table and exciting action on the flats of Tampa Bay . Many gator trout were landed this past week on my recent charters. A lively shiner rigged on a 1/0 hook with a piece of 30 lb fluorocarbon leader under a popping cork has drawn many of these snaggle toothed predators to the dinner table. Make the old school bobbers pop and gurgle and the bait flash to draw the strikes.
—–Redfish have been in smaller schools and cruising the the edges of flats and in the potholes. Chumming with shiners will draw strikes from these copper belly bruisers and fire up the bite. Look for the redfish to follow the tide up into the bushes as the tide moves towards high water and conversely as the tide drops the fish will stage on the drop offs of the flats.
—–Snook have been off the beaches and close to passes as they spawned this past full moon . Look for the snook to be in pods just off the beach shoreline in the first trough.
—–Looking forward, the tide will be high in the early afternoon and should provide for some excellent fishing next week .
—–Tarpon are making a strong showing off the beaches and in Tampa Bay. Look for the tarpon bite to explode in the coming weeks as more of the schools of silver kings invade our waters. Until next week, keep the slack out of your line and learn to feel the thump of the predator inhaling your bait.