little tunny

Bonito (Euthynnus alletteratus)


  1. Size: These fish are relatively small compared to some other tuna species, usually ranging from 2 to 20 pounds, although larger individuals have been recorded.
  2. Habitat: False albacore are found in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and are known for their migratory behavior. They are often found traveling in large surface schools feeding nearshore or offshore. 
  3. Bait: Little tunny are carnivorous, highly aggressive, and primarily feed on smaller fish such as sardines, glass minnows, and pilchards. A free-lined whitebait or spoon retrieved quickly does the trick. 
  4. Tackle: Bonito are a type of tuna, which means power, endurance, and sharp teeth. Medium to heavy spinning gear and a wire leader are recommended. 
  5. Food Value: False albacore are eaten by some as sushi or sashimi, but the taste and quality will not compare to that of their cousin (bluefin tuna).