Spotted Seatrout

speckled trout

Spotted Seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus)


  1. Size: Speckled trout typically range from 12 to 25 inches in length and weigh between 1 to 4 pounds. Especially large specimens can reach up to 10 pounds or more and are considered “gator trout”.
  2. Habitat: Speckled trout favor the patches of sand (potholes) scattered throughout shallow seagrass beds and channel edges where they lie in wait to ambush prey. Look for areas with good current flow and water clarity.
  3. Bait: Live shrimp under a popping cork is a hard to beat bait when fishing for sea trout, but live pilchards are a close second. Artificial lures such as soft plastic jigs are also highly effective.
  4. Tackle: Speckled trout are characteristic head-shakers when hooked and can be very fun to catch on light spinning tackle (8-12 lb. test).
  5. Food Value: Consider releasing larger trout to help sustain the population as their fillets are delicate and do not freeze well. However, regulations allow three per person per day and if eaten fresh, sea trout have a high-quality flavor and texture.