Captain Danny Stasny-Fishing Report-03-14-2013
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—The next trip report is with Richard Scanlon of Minnesota on Friday the 7th.  Richard is a really cool guy and I like fishing with him.  He fished with me last year at along the Seven Pines shoreline between Perico Bayou and the mouth of the Manatee River. We tore-up the redfish on that trip.
—Well, this time the tide wasn’t right for the reds so instead we set-out to do a little sheepherdin’. We ended up puttin’ a hurtin’ on the sheepies that day. We came back to the dock with eighteen fish ranging from 1 to 4 pounds.  We also managed to coax a few mangrave snapper out of the structure that day too.  The biggest snapper was 15 inches.  Add a few fat key west grunts and the fish fry was complete!