Captain Mark Howard-Fishing Report-03-11-2013
Island Discount Tackle Charter Desk: (941) 779-2838

—Fishing out of Island Discount Tackle on beautiful Anna Maria Island, this past week’s fishing has produced a variety of fishing opportunities and fillets for the dinner table .
—On my recent charters we have been landing redfish, speckled trout ,and sheephead.
Sheephead fishing has been good this year with many big ones landed. Live shrimp, rigged on a size 1 hook and a split shot, will get the convict fish to bite. With the passing of the full moon, the sheephead fishing will slow down because they will not be schooling as thick when they spawn. For fun action and a change of pace, try catching them on the flats in potholes and around oyster bars.
—Redfish have been chewing in many different areas such as docks, piers and the flats. The high hook this past week went to Andy Markevich with his 30″ redfish that was caught on a lively pinfish rigged under a popping cork. Reds are still under deepwater docks too.
—Speckled trout are starting to gather in big schools on the deep grass of Key Royale flats. Work a popping cork rigged with a small jig and your favorite Berkley Gulp . Some gator-sized trout are in shallow water ambushing baits swimming into the potholes.
—Looking forward, the Winter-time fishing is yielding to the Spring-time fishing pattern as the days get longer and the water gets warmer. The fishing scene will soon explode with shiners invading the flats of Tampa Bay. This will signal the start of some incredible fishing action.