Captain Mark Howard–Fishing Report–April-08-2013
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—–Fishing this past week out of Island Discount Tackle on Anna Maria Island has seen the Spring weather pattern slowly start to take hold and the fish have responded accordingly. A variety of species are finally starting to chew. Redfish, speckled trout, mackerel, snook and sharks are moving into Tampa Bay and feeding.
—–A sure sign of Spring is seeing many species of sharks invading our waters and cruising the sandbars. Black tips, bonnet heads, lemon sharks and bull sharks are cruising the flats looking for food. A chunk of ladyfish rigged on a cable hook rig will draw ferocious bites and drag-screaming action.
—–While running the bulkhead area on Tuesday, I saw a 5 foot sawfish cruising . I decided to just enjoy seeing the beautiful creature and moved on, passing-up an opportunity to do battle with the unique creature.
—–Redfish and snook are starting to school on the grassflats and moving up into the mangroves and bushes on the higher tides that the recent full moon brought us. We have been using shiners, pegged on a 2/0 Owner circle hook with a small split shot on a popping cork. This rig helps to keep the bait away from the annoying birds that seem to attack any live bait that swims to the surface. Small pinfish and cut ladyfish are also good baits to use.
—–Big Spanish mackerel are chewing heavily all over the Tampa Bay area with many nice 24″ fish providing some exciting action. I like to use to a long shank hook to prevent the fishing line from getting cut. Remember to only keep enough of these fish for dinner as they do not freeze to well.
—–Looking forward in April, as the days get longer and the temperatures heat up, the fishing will only improve as the bait schools move into our waters and on the flats. The influx of live bait will supercharge the fishing action and provide for opportunities to get a nice bag of fillets for the dinner table. Until next time, keep the slack out of your line and feel the thump of the fish inhaling your bait.