Anna Maria Island Fishing Report: Captain Rick Gross-06-03-2013

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report
Captain Rick Gross – Fishing Report – June 3, 2013
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—–The weather and the fishing this past week out of Island Discount Tackle has been nothing short of spectacular.
—–Offshore we still have kingfish. In fact I had three trips this week where we caught good numbers of kings up to twenty-five pounds. While fishing for kings we also caught spanish mackerel, mangrove snapper, black tip sharks and catch-and-release grouper.
—–Inshore snook are making their run to the passes for the spawn. Lots of dark fish just out from the backcountry showed up just this past week. Redfish are still there for the taking just not in the huge schools of a couple of weeks ago. Trout will be on the deeper grass flats around the bay as we come up on this next full moon. Continue Reading…

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report: Captain Rick Gross-04-22-2013

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report-April-22-2013
Captain Rick Gross
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—–“It was a great week” is the fishing report from Island Discount Tackle on Anna Maria Island. Everything that bites in our area is on the prowl. Continue Reading…

Captain Rick Gross – Fishing Report – April-08-2013

Captain Rick Gross-Fishing Report-April-08-2013
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—–We had a major mack attack on Tuesday in lower Tampa Bay. Every shiner that was cast out was met with a vicious Spanish mackerel strike. Between my morning trip and afternoon trip I went through over a hundred 3/0, Aberdeen, gold hooks. I seriously do not know how many fish we landed. All I know is we kept a dozen or more each trip and released the rest. The fishing was non-stop the whole time we were out.
—–Wednesday was a little different. With winds coming out of the southeast, it was too rough to fish the lower bayside flats. So I headed to the lee side of Anna Maria Island to fish the beaches. Once there we caught spanish mackerel and gag grouper on free-lined shiners. The action was steady for the first hour or so but the wind shifted more to the south and it started to get a little rough. We moved into some flats near Longboat Pass and managed to catch and release a few nice snook with one twenty five inch redfish for supper.
—–By the time I left the dock with my afternoon trip, the wind had really picked up out of the south. I headed the Fishy Business toward Terra Ciea Bay. Once there the first hole we fished produced a few small snook and one keeper redfish. The next stop was more of the same with a few snook and another red. I thought I saw a fish bust a shiner down tide from us so I picked up the push pole and moved maybe a hundred yards. We really got into a major redfish rally for the rest of the afternoon. Most of the reds were in the size limit slot, around twenty four to twenty seven inches.
—–Friday I had a afternoon trip with Jon Williamson and his son Sam. We found a place out of the wind behind some mangroves. The outgoing tide had just started out when the fishing picked up. We never moved the boat other than down tide so we would not go aground. All afternoon we caught snook to thirty one inches, redfish to twenty five inches, trout to twenty inches and flounder to fourteen inches. Sam managed to catch a true grand slam with all four species. While I think his dad caught the biggest fish with the thirty one inch snook.
Thank You & Good Fishing!

Captain Rick Gross – Fishing Report – 04-01-2013

Captain Rick Gross-Fishing Report-04-01-2013
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—–Fishing out of Island Discount Tackle and Anna Maria Island this week, the weather felt more like winter than spring. The wind again was a problem to deal with. I had to shuffle some trips around until later in the week because the wind and cold were just too bad to fish.
—–On Wednesday, Jeff Schumacher and his two sons fished with me on a four hour morning trip. We caught sheepshead in the one to four pound range under one dock for two hours then went to another deep hole to fish for silver trout. We caught the sheepshead on knocker rigs and shrimp. We caught the silvers on Berkley gulp shrimp on quarter oz. jigs. Although none of the fish where very big the kids had a great time catching them on a cold windy day.
—–Thursday I had a full day with David Newlin and party. We started out by fishing some deeper grass flats in Sarasota bay with free-lined shiners. We caught nice trout up to eighteen inches, spanish mackerel to twenty and a few flounder to fourteen inches. After the tide came in enough to get up next to the mangroves, we fished for reds and landed fish up to twenty two inches.
—–On Friday I fished with Richard Henry and friends for a four hour morning trip. We again fished Sarasota bay flats and caught trout, bluefish and mackerel. All were taken while fishing free-lined shiners on aberdeen gold hooks and twenty pound fluorocarbon leader.
—–Friday afternoon I fished with Jim Keller and his wife. We had a good, strong  afternoon outgoing tide so I headed for Terra Ceia Bay. There we found redfish up to twenty two inches and speckled trout to twenty five inches.
—–Saturday I had a full day trip with Jon Stuver and Tom Haley. We started out in the gulf looking for some spanish mackerel action. We caught only a few and it got a little rough so we headed back to the flats of Sarasota bay. This proved to be a very good decision. We had only been anchored for about ten minutes when things started to heat up. I started to chum with handfuls of shiners and within minutes a big school of redfish moved in. We never moved the rest of the day and had twelve triple hook-ups with redfish from twenty three inches to the best fish of thirty three inches. While fishing for the reds we also caught trout to twenty six inches and some snook up to thirty inches.
Thank You & Good Fishing!

Captain Rick Gross – Fishing Report – 03-25-2013

Captain Rick Gross-Fishing Report-03-25-2013
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—–Fishing around the bay this week was a challenge to say the least. Wind, wind and more wind made things a little though. The trips that did stick it out did well for their efforts.
—–Phil Baker and his family fished with me on Monday for an all day trip. They met me at the Island Discount Tackle dock at seven a.m. so they could go along to catch bait at the Skyway Bridge. While I usually get bait ahead of the trip, sometimes the charter wants to go along to see how it is done. After getting bait we headed north to fish around Joe’s Island for snook and redfish. While everyone on board caught their share of snook and reds, Amber Baker had the high hook by a long shot.
—–I had the pleasure of fishing with Paul Trovas and friends on Tuesday for a six hour trip. The day started a little slow with a couple of bonnet head sharks. They are a lot of fun on light tackle and make for a good photo to take back home. As the tide came in we moved up on the flats around Terra Ceia. Here we found snook, redfish and flounder. While we did not have a huge banner day, everyone caught fish. I think a twenty-six inch red was the fish of the day.
—–On Friday I took John Hagerty and his son, Joe, on a half day trip. We left the dock at nine-thirty, a little later than usual just to take a little chill out of the air. Sometimes it is better to leave later in the day after a cold front has passed. Joe has never fished for snook and redfish before and could hardly believe how shallow we where fishing. I had to explain to him that a sandy pothole may only be a foot or two deeper than the rest of the flat. He quickly became a believer when we started catching fish. We had doubles on more than a few times and caught good size fish up to twenty-nine inches. We ended up with maybe twenty-five or more fish that we released to fight another day.
—–Good Fishing!

Captain Rick Gross – Fishing Report – 03-18-2013

Captain Rick Gross-Fishing Report-03-18-2013
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—Last week the weather was like a roller coaster. I cancelled Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday trips on my boat, the Fishy Business, because of the cold front and the accompanying wind.
—But on Monday, before the front, we did well on catch and release snook up to thirty-one inches long as well as redfish in the 18-27 inch size limit and some jumbo trout.
—On Friday morning the water temperature gauge on the fish finder showed a chilly 59°. I decided to fish with live shrimp as bait and move to deeper water. This proved fruitful for big sheepshead, white grunts and snapper. We also caught some beautiful trout on the deeper grass flats around Egmont Key.
—Saturday on the same deep flats we had a major mack attack. Spanish mackerel hit every shiner…sometimes even before we could get the bail shut on the reel.
—Thank You & Good Fishing!

Captain Rick Gross – Fishing Report – 02/10/13

Captain Rick Gross-Fishing Report-02-10-2013
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—Even though this winter has been mild, we have still been managing to catch some great trout and redfish. This one was caught using a live pilchard. The best bites have been on high outgoing tides, while casting into sandy patches near a shoreline.

– Captain Rick Gross