Captain Wes Wildman – April 8, 2019
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   The weather was beautiful here on Anna Maria Island this week with temperatures climbing into the 80s. With the warming trend came a fantastic inshore bite, we caught everything swimming in the bay. The Snook bite has been absolutely incredible with some trips boating 60-80 fish. While Snook fishing we are also picking up a couple catch and release Redfish that really give a good bend to the rod. After my crew decides they have had enough fun with the Snook we head to the deeper grass flats to see if we can get a few fish for the cooler.


Snook are good fighters!


Snook are biting.

  The Spanish Mackerel bite is getting into full swing, as I have been noticing large schools all through out the bay and off the beach. These fish will practically eat anything, but that does not mean they are easy to catch. The have such sharp teeth and are extremely fast swimmers that they will cut through about any pound test leader. I recommend using a little shot of wire at the end of your leader and also a Eagle Claw 2x long shank hook if you are live bait fishing them. I am a huge fan of Spanish Mackerel Sashimi, Bleed the fish as soon you catch them and directly to ice, fillet and remove all the blood line, slice it thin and serve it with soy sauce and a dab of wasabi, it is delicious!