Snook, Snapper and Black Drum- Capt. Dan Jolitz

Captain Dan Jolitz
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Captain Dan Jolitz – February 24, 2019
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Jim and Sharon's nice catch.

Jim and Sharon’s nice catch.

2/24/2019 – This is my third time fishing Jim and Sharon and Sharon is definitely the good luck charm. They caught their limit of Mangrove Snapper and a few Black Drum. After that, it was on to some hard-hitting Snook action, which has been on fire!

Fun On Anna Maria Island- Capt. Dan Jolitz

Captain Dan Jolitz – February 18, 2019
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Michelle and Fred had fun!

Michelle and Fred had fun!

2/18/19 – Michelle and Fred left behind freezing temperatures to have a little fun on the island. They had a great day watching manatees and catching plenty of Mangrove Snapper, Black Drum, Redfish, and Sheephead while fishing nearby docks and rock piles.

Anna Maria Island Waters Are Warming- Capt. Phil Dyer

Captain Phil Dyer
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Captain Phil Dyer – February 26, 2019
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—The water temperature is up, and snook are on fire!

—After fishing mostly docks for the past few weeks, it is nice to be able to fish the grass flats again.  With the water temperature getting over 70 degrees, the spring bite is on.  Snook are out in numbers and are aggressively attacking everything we throw at them. Continue Reading…

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report: Captain Wes Wildman – Winter Sheepshead

Captain Wes Wildman
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Anna Maria Island Fishing Report – February 3, 2019
Captain Wes Wildman
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   Well the weather this week made it for a super tough bite around Anna Maria island. Cold and windy days dropped the water temps well into the 50s and never really got any warmer. Our charters this week got the true meaning of tough conditions and a even tougher bite. That being said we still managed productive trips catching Sheepshead, Black Drum, Redfish, and Jack Crevalle.

Continue Reading…

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report: Captain Aaron Lowman-02-26-2014

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report-Black Drum-Pompano-Sheepshead
Captain Aaron Lowman – Fishing Report – February 26, 2014
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—–Fishing during the last half of February has been a lot of fun this year. My charters have caught lots of snapper, sheepshead, pompano and some amazing black drum. I have been taking along some big tarpon-style rods on our trips and calling them the “drum sticks”. Continue Reading…

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report: Captain Mark Howard-02-16-2014

Capt. Mark Howard
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—–Fishing this past week out of Island Discount Tackle on Anna Maria Island has been productive when the weather cooperates . The weather has been the deciding factor in where I have been fishing, typical for the winter time fishing pattern.
—–Dock fishing for redfish and black drum has been good with the fish feeding under deepwater docks with heavy barnacle growth as they will hold more crabs and crustaceans living on the pilings. Rigging with a live shrimp and a split shot weight will get the bait in the strike zone. On my recent trips we have had success with redfish in the upper slot range. Continue Reading…

Views From The Tackle Shop 03-30-2013

Jim Keyes–Views From Island Discount Tackle 03-30-2013
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—–Congratulations to Joey Dyer who wins this week’s CANAL MONSTER SNATCH award for this impressive black drum which he wrestled into submission from a prime corner of our docks in the Holmes Beach Boat Basin!
—–Joey was visiting Anna Maria on vacation and fishing with a friend when the big drum whacked his lively shrimp.
—–After an epic battle which attracted plenty of attention and advice from passers-by, Joey managed to land the fish with the help of our own Jonny Keyes who rushed a landing net to the scene in the nick of time.
—–In keeping with tradition, the Island Discount Tackle staff will salute Joey’s accomplishment by drinking a beer in his honor at the next opportunity (maybe twice). Thanks Joey, we like this award!!