Anna Maria Island Fishing Report: Captain Aaron Lowman-01-24-15

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report
Captain Aaron Lowman – Fishing Report – January 24, 2015
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—For the first time this month, The Tampa Bay fishing community finally got a couple of days with light breezes this week so we decided to try the offshore grouper and snapper fishing.
—We loaded our 25 foot SeaCat with ice, chum and frozen sardines and headed offshore on Wednesday morning. Bypassing some closer waypoints, we decided to go deep and started looking at some bottom structure about 40 miles southwest of Anna Maria Island. There was a great show on our fish finder so we anchored and gave it a shot.
—Our very first bait to the bottom was hit by a red snapper followed quickly by a big red grouper. And the game was on! The fish never stopped hitting for hours. During the day we literally caught and released at least 50 red snapper up to 25 POUNDS! And the red grouper didn’t disappoint either. The grouper were big too. There was not one undersized grouper brought to the boat all day. Two fish were in the 20-25 inch range and every other grouper was at least 30 inches.
—Everyone onboard had an “I can’t believe how many fish we caught”  time and I’m looking forward to our next offshore trip. Fishing is great now. Please note that  the weather is a major key to successful offshore fishing this time of year. If you would like to go offshore, please call to express your interest and I’ll contact you when the conditions start to look right for a great trip. Thanks.

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report: Captain Aaron Lowman-06-23-14

Anna Maria Island Fishing Report
Captain Aaron Lowman – Fishing Report – June 23, 2014
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—June has been hot and sticky. We saw rain in the area most afternoons and the flotilla of boats on the water assure us summertime is in full effect! On my boat, snook and tarpon have been the main Anna Maria Island targets in June. Also being routinely caught in and around the bay and local beaches are; seatrout, mangrove snapper, grouper, mackerel and sharks.
—Snook fishing this time of the year tends to move out of the back bays and into the passes and beaches. This is an annual migration pattern that these fish follow year after year in order to breed. We have been capitalizing on their need to feed while on this journey. Whitebait and small hard-bodied lures have been baits of choice.
—There are still good numbers of tarpon moving up and down the beaches and passes. We have been catching these fish on live bait on moving tides. The trick with tarpon is being very stealthy. Getting up wind / up tide from the fish, cutting the engine and drifting and/or anchoring have been proven methods. The tarpon fishing has really heated up this last week of the month on the moon.
—One of the best things about summer time fishing, here around Anna Maria Island and Tampa Bay, is the great variety of species you can encounter in a single four hour fishing trip. Snapper,  grouper and flounder along with and mackerel and sharks can be found on many shallow rock piles and reefs.

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